Balkan / Gypsy / Punk / Ska / Metal gigs – Manchester & Bolton

We used to put on a gigs in Manchester/Bolton along with a few parties here and there too. After taking a back seat for a few years we’re back again ( albeit not as active as before ) – So if u like music and getting wrecked then maybe you should join this group on facebook.

Expect a rather eclectic mash of Ska/Punk/Metal, Breaks/Drum&Bass/Techno Dub/folk/anything else that excites us enough to try and get someone to play. If you are promoting a similar gig – and want it posting here – send me an msg.

Upcomming gigs:

Monday 5th December – Retro Bar

Spin Te Kú + Rising Strike + Galivantes

Balkan Gigs Manchester


Bands we’ve had the pleasure to put on / help promote so far:

Mise*en*scene, Headjam, Whiskey Bastards, Pressure Drop, Harijan,  Uncle Meat and the Highway Children, John Player Specials, 3CR, 30% Less Fat, The Distrakted, Glue Ear!, Luvdump, Detached, Agent Ape, Chewing Druids, Autonomads, Roadkill, Phobia, Paul Carter, Hammers, The Dead Class, Mafafi, Eye Licker, Flat Back Four, A War Against Sound, Buff, Resolution 242, Acid Drop, War Coma, The Infested, Stand Out Riot, Leading the Charge, The Hostiles, Armed Response Unit,. Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Sixfish, Beng Beng Cocktail, Mischief brew (afterparty), Silver Medal Massacre, Inner Terrestrials, Subhumans, Wonk Unit, Global Parasite, 2 Sick Monkeys, Revenge of the Psychotronic man, Captain Hotknives, Dub Liner, Pintmurdera, The Mardi Gras Bombers, Defcon Zero, Billyclub, Jeramiah Ferrari, Bring to Ruin, Jack Brews, Black Star Dub Collective, Rasta4Eyes, Tyrannosaurus Alan, Cress, Meinhof, Constant Fear,  Sense of Urgency, China Shop Bull, Keyside Strike, Korazo, Cress, Jakal, Dinamo, Jimmy the Squirrel, Bastard Sons of Abraham, and quite a few more for other promoters.

Not really looking to put on regular gigs – if you are a touring band ( even better if from overseas ) and need help with a gig in the Manchester area then contact me via site comment with your email.  We consider ourselves DIY, bands get fed, watered, door split – you get the idea 🙂