Turbo cider basics

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So i’ve been going on to everyone about how they should make their own cider after seeing the light myself only recently. I’ve promised to put down some basic info on how to make turbocider. This is not how to make the nicest tasting, crisp scrumpy – its cheap, easy to make, strong cider.

Things you will need.

A freecycle account – before you start – why buy brand new equipment when there is perfectly good, free equipment that’s festering away in some old person’s garage waiting to be brought back into operation? I’ve literally gotten loads of airlocks, demijons, fermenting bins from there.

1 bucket or washing basin – for sterilising equipment

1 or more demijons – Glass ones are best as they are easy to clean but if stuck, buy a 1 gallon (5litre) bottle of spring water, then make a hole in the top, push through an airlock and seal the top with silicone.

Sterilizing powder – can be bought from some Morrisons/Wilkinson or brew shop / ebay. If ur using glass demijon u can get away with using just boiling hot water to sterilize but u’ll need to use smthg for the airlock ( u can use sterilised vodka or highly diluted bleach to fill airlock or in my case – Romanian Tuica)

Airlocks – bout 2 quid for 2 airlocks in the brew shop but try to freecycle them first.

Siphon tube – need this for when you want to rack off ( bottle ) the cider.

Yeast – u can make do with ‘wine yeast compound’ from morrisons but I prefer champagne yeast – must better result

Sugar – check the pound shops, places like home bargains for sugar ( and apple juice )

Concentrated apple juice – where u get it from may change the end taste so shop around find stuff that makes decent cider. ASDA smart price apple juice aint too bad and its cheap.

Empty bottles – lemonade etc plastic bottles – once which can handle carbonated drinks ( if u plan to give your cider some fizz )

Basic recipe – I have to thank Simon Wild for – very good recipe but I’ve found champagne yeast more effective in brewing really strong cider 🙂

Will update this post soon with a few more potent turbo cider recipes.

Golden rules of turbo cider production

“Even if you have 100 litres in your cupboards – don’t ever stop brewing because you think you have enough!’ (Ippy Chris 2012)

If in doubt – clean it again.


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