Perfect thin crust pizza recipe

Tried loads of different combinations for making perfect pizza base, this is the one I use – it makes 3 medium sized pizzas.


Add half of the water to a cup and mix in the tea spoon of sugar. It’s important that the water is not too hot – it should be around room temperature – any hotter will kill off the yeast. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the yeast and stir well – put to one side and allow the yeast to activate.. you should start to see some small bubbles/circular patterns of yeast – usually 5-10 mins.
Meanwhile – Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. and once the yeast looks like it could be about right – add two table spoons of olive oil to the flour and a little of the water/yeast.. mix well adding more of the yeast and then rinsing the cup out with the remaining water until all is cleaned out – all the time stirring with a spoon as you do this.
Once you’ve mixed all you can with your spoon and the pizza dough seems to be forming – dust a clean work surface with flour then chuck the dough on it and knead the dough adding some dusting of flour as you go to stop it getting too sticky… once this is nicely done – leave to rest for half an hour covered in a bowel.
You can store this in the fridge for a few days and simply take enough dough for how many pizzas you will have – storing in the fridge will make the yeast dormant so take out and rest at room temperature for 10 mins before you knead the dough and roll into pizzas.
If you are using oven dishes – heat them up in oven for 10 mins, then dust with flour before putting rolled out pizza dough on there – this will ensure the underneath starts to cook straight away while you are putting toppings on – should be ready in like 7-10 mins depending upon how much sauce/toppings.


Note for vegans – if you don’t want to use cheese on your pizza, maybe put the rolled dough in the oven for a minuete or two to cook the base slightly before putting tomato sauce on – will ensure you don’t bugger up by using too much sauce and undercooking the base.

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